I’m selling my ‘98 Impreza Outback sport. I drive it once a week. I’ve had it for a year and it’s been garaged the whole time I’ve owned it. This car needed some help when I bought it. I replaced and repaired numerous things. Little things like rear ash tray was missing and found one. Door card plugs were missing on all four doors replaced with OEM GC plugs. Steering wheel column was cracked and I replaced that.

5speed manual

Over 200k miles(chassis)

Used 2.2L motor in it with around over 100k miles

Did the timing belt and water pump last year(gates)

Changed the front axles last year(rock auto)

Changed rear differential fluid and seals(OEM) last year

Changed cam shaft seals(OEM) last year

Changed crank seal(OEM) last year

Changed out oil pump(OEM) last year

Replaced oil filler neck gasket(OEM)

Replaced cam plate service gasket(OEM)

Rewired fog lights with OEM harness

Added OEM foglight switch in dash

Replaced front door speakers with new kenwoods

Whiteline front strut bar(few months old)

GC front bumper

GC side skirts

Accord rear spats

Clutch is good. No grinds

New windshield

Has JDM aluminum hood
JDM clear corners
JDM clear corners

Bugeye WRX front and rear seats

Bugeye WRX Momo steering wheel

GC door cards

WRX leather shift knob

JDM 4pot front brakes and 2pot rear brakes

Stainless steel brake lines

Older flat out coilovers

STI front end links

eBay 2.5inch exhaust

Still have stock exhaust(muffler of a GC)

UEL headers(yes it rumbles)

Still have stock exhaust manifold

Bugeye WRX rims(needs tires) w/5mm spacers

I also have a set of GC rims and tires

There is other little stuff I’ve done to it as well. With other parts I’m sure I’m missing on the list.

Tags are up last month (needs smog)

Pink slip in hand

I have most of the documentation from the previous owners of work that was done. Also documentation of work I’ve done as well.

Bike racks aren’t included

The only cons would be it has a minor oil leak and needs the motor mounts replaced. Minor door dings and scratches. Rust spot on the left rear wheel well and roof(see pics) But nothing major. Front driver seat has small rip. ABS light is on. I’m assuming from the brake upgrades. Needs smog. Tags were up last month. Also check engine light comes on. P0420 code. Could be cats or O2 sensor. Reason why I’m selling it for the price it’s at.

Interior 8/10. Exterior 7/10.

Please serious buyers only! I don’t need help selling it. Any questions please reach out to me.