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So I'm removing my charcoal canister. along with the filter and the purge solenoid cause they got 20+ years of rust and I don't feel like spending 200+ on a new system, when I could just remove the codes and vent to the atmosphere.

Now venting to the atmosphere I have a couple options (the tank needs to breath to relieve this pressure). I'll get straight to the point.

I want to get a vented filler cap. The only problem is I can't find one for this car lol. Also I do not want to drill holes in my current filler cap cause I heard people still have issues at the gas station with the gas pump always shutting off/filling slowly.

And no I don't want to use a roll over valve nor a breather tube. i have my reasons and would rather not write a paragraph to bore people. So I kept it straight to the point.

Oh and one small detail, my car I plan to have it push 400+ hp in the future, not sure if more power increase the rate at which it needs to vent.

So can anyone give me a link/point me in the correct direction to get a vented fuel filler cap for this car?

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