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Hey guys,
I've got a EJ25D longblock for sale and let me say now that it was pulled due to Rod Knock after only 250 miles after a rebuild.

When this happened the Rod knock started as I was pulling into my driveway after a drive and I shut the car off immediately after hearing it.

Back story time; Engine had 145k when I pulled it out to do the following

-Machined Heads; When I bought the car I had valvetrain noise on one side so I had them sent out to have everything about gone through so they are mint. This cost me ~$500 alone

-New Head gaskets; because why wouldn't you do them at this point
-New Head bolts
-New Timing belt
-New Idlers & rollers
-New Waterpump
-New Sparkplugs
-New Sparkplug wires
-New Intake manifold gaskets
-Probably other things I forget.

The motor ran excellent for those 250 miles, actually it was running when I pulled it.

Price is $400 picked up. You are basically buying the new heads for $100 less than what they cost plus all of the other new parts and the rest of an engine. It can be saved I'm just not interested in doing so.

The motor is going to have to come apart and any reputable machine shop can give the heads a clean for short money.

While I understand some of the gaskets probably wont be reused a lot of money was put into this motor only for it to die on me and now I want it gone so I'm selling it as a whole rather then part it out.

let me say that again
No interest in parting the motor out

Does not come with Powersteering pump, Alternator, or AC Compressor since these went on the replacement motor, other than that its complete

Pictures will be added when I get a chance.

Want to get this gone so I can pursue other projects.
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