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I NEED MY DRIVEWAY BACK! come check out this 5 speed 96 Impreza brighton coupe $1999.99
Woodside Queens 11377
Appointments best after 3pm or weekends!
Text or Call 631-525-4701

1.8L non-interference engine
Runs and drives, clutch works well, starter makes noise, some exhaust leaking after 1st cat.
HID's installed but not hooked up.
Brand New. Battery, radiator, water pump, thermostat, timing gears, idlers, tensioner, t-belt, coolant flush, decent rubber, some rust.
Brighton 96-3.jpg
Brighton 96-4.jpg Brighton 96-8.jpg Brighton 96-16.jpg Brighton 96-15.jpg Brighton 96-14.jpg Brighton 96-13.jpg Brighton 96-6.jpg Brighton 96-9.jpg Brighton 96-5.jpg
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