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Hey y'all. Long time no visit.

I'm having an issue where my brake light switch is becoming stuck on and then eventually burns out/welds itself and my brake lights stay on until the battery dies. As far as I know the switches dying is because of the excessive heat they generate from being stuck on. But how is the switch sticking on?

I'm on switch number 4 that died last night. I've got a wiring diagram of my car but there is basically nothing but wire between the switch and the bulbs so I'm not sure what is causing the issue.

I talked to our local best buy's autotech (he printed the diagram off for me) and his best guess is there is a failure in one of the bulb holders causing it to short to ground (tbh can't remember exactly what he said.)

I don't particularly want to rip out and replace the bulb holders until it stops and replacing switches is getting expensive.

Update: I went at it with the multimeter and as far as I can tell there is a short to ground somewhere between the harness plug in the dash and the tail light connectors as I am reading continuity between the wire (unplugged at all ends) and ground. So I think it's shorting and toasting brake light switches (but not bulbs?)
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