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1993 impreza L green
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so i have a 1973 project Peanut i started a couple of months back.
have way too many unfinished projects and no time.. wish i did.. sob...
so i've spent some good money on a lot of parts for this.. and it's almost all there to put it together. and i will throw it all in .. and basically you'll have to do the labor part of making everything work.
I've spent over $4,500 in all the parts i will list for you.. not including the car. and i'll let you know what else you'll need to complete the project.
the car itself wold need paint and body work, but i was going to leave it as is, with a good motor and nice wheels.
so i bought a 4AG 20v black top for it, fabricated an AE86 front crossmember for it.
The 4AG short block as you see in the picture is in there, the head was taken off for a new headgasket to be installed with ARP head studs.
the interior had no rear seats or deck cover, dash pad, and broken stereo bezel when i bought it, i bought a new OEM dash pad and found a good stereo bezel.
got AGX front shock incerts for the 86 suspension, and Camaro rear AGX shocks.
i have the engine harness for the engine, got some coil on plug ignition coils that i was going to use, got a Fidanza light weight flywheel, with an Exeddy clutch kit.
have a T50 transmission for it, and an 81 E70 corolla rear diff that still needs to be modded, shortened, and i can get you the number of the place that can shorten the axles for a great price.
Asking $7000 would be too much for an unfinished project car, but i'm willing to take my loss, and if you want to make an offer please feel free to contact me. i'm thinking $5500 or parting it out.. the shell with the original motor and trans i would prob let go fr $1700
parts list:
Genuine Toyota Dash Pad
Stereo bezel
Corolla AE86 front crossmember/struts brakes/ground control coilovers
New front lower control arms
KYB AGX front incerts
KYB AGX Camaro rear shocks
4AG 20valve black top/New Headgasket/ARP head studs
T50 5spd transmission
Fidanza aluminum flywheel
Exedy clutch kit
Toyota Coil on plugs
original engine and 4 spd transmission
original chrome front and rear bumpers

Pictures are from when i first picked it up
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