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I have a 22-24 adjustable sway bar from M2 on my WRX wagon, set in the middle "hole." The car is great at low speed handling and it's really easy to adjust attitude mid corner. However, at high speeds, the rear end is a little twitchy. I kinda enjoy oversteer, so it's perfect for me. I did get black flagged at a local open track day recently for "driving the car sideways through the corners," though, so oversteer at your own risk. Yeah, I've spun a few times. You may not want to go as big as I did, but IMHO anything under 20 mm really won't make the changes you want.

Only other suspension mods are Ground Control coilovers (Eibach springs w/ KYB AGXs), charcoal P7s w/ 225-45-17 Pilot Sports (no rubbing as the P7s are only 7" wide). Front camber -2*, rear camber -1.5*.

The car currently makes about 270 hp at the wheels on Cobb's dyno (about 100 whp more than stock).

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