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$16.5k for an 01 RS, 10k miles?

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Am I crazy or is this a really good deal?

It's from a dealer who's been trying to sell it for a while (silver coupe, 5 spd).

Anyway, dealer got it as a trade-in, and is going to sell it to some wholesale place tomorrow for $16.5k, and he offered me the car for that price, but obviously I have to get it by tomorrow.

It's totally stock, and in mint condition (only very minor scuffmark in front bumper, and a small scuff inside).

What do you people think?
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It's a good price, but not a screaming deal.
I'd go for it. Just do a Carfax first. :) That could be worth its weight in gold.

Sounds like a really good deal to me.:biggest:
This is a good price. But do try to find out some history on the car. Is it a Subaru dealer? If so, it should be no problem. If it is any reputable dealership it shouldn't be too much worry.
It's a good price, but not a screaming deal.
For a 2001 with only 10k miles, it's a great deal! I would run the VIN to see if it's been in a wreck or something else. If it's all clear, go for it...
Another good option, and this depends on your local laws, is contact the previous owner. I was looking at the Mass. auto laws a few weeks ago and stumbled on something that states a dealer must provide the previous owners name and address if you request it.

give him a counter offer at $15k include tax and license fee. even tho the mileage is low, but $16.5k for an MY01 RS is still too high because we are almost toward the end of MY02 now. MY03 cars will be in lot late July or August.

Good Luck!
thats a really good deal. i sold my MY00 for $16K with 17K on the clock.
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