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Bay Area Subaru Meet 2015
August 2nd, 2015

Facebook page:

Doors at 10:30. If you choose to show up earlier, it's on you. But don't plan on having anyone else there and I'd prefer if you didn't show up earlier. The event ends whenever you want to leave but the official end is 3pm. There will be food somewhere around 12:30 and there will be more than likely 2 or possibly 3 different raffle times. If you choose to leave too early you'll likely miss out on some of the larger raffle items.

Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area
2100 Isherwood Way, Fremont CA 94536

Kids under 13 fly free.

Prepays are being accepted now at [email protected] *** SEND IT AS A GIFT PLEASE!!!!! *** . So your paypal payment must include... who you are, so I'll need your real name AND your screen name along with how many you are prepaying for. Your name will end up on a form with all of your info and what you're getting. Show up. Find your name. Get your stuff. Enter event.

This includes your wrist band for the event which gets you in and gets you your food and drinks. It will also include 1 raffle ticket ($2 value).

The big benefit of prepaying for us is that we can afford to buy food for everyone and we know how much food to buy. I do not want to end up short and I do not want to end up with $500 in food in the trash. The big benefit for you guys is this....

AT THE DOOR: $20 per person

Why so much more you say? Because. Expenses rise when you have to run out in the middle of an event to dig up food for 100 people that didn't prepay but expect food. We can't guarantee you food if you don't prepay but knowing me and my crew we'll bend over backwards to take care of you... meaning 2 of my guys will have to leave the event to go buy more food. Accurate head count helps EVERYONE. And secondly... this is a charity event. ALL profits go to charity. So that extra $10 will not just be going in my pocket.

You also do not get the free raffle ticket and other free stuff I dig up to give the prepays... In essence.... you prepay... you save yourself $13 and you save us some stress.

Standard BBQ. Burgers. Veggie Patties and probably another Veggie option. Dogs. Water. Soda. Cookies. Chips. Basics. Nothing crazy. We will have 3 eat times to be announced. Your wrist bands will tell you when to eat.

We can not help these. We are using state parks and they have their own fees. We can not roll all costs together with the size and style of BAM.

PARK ENTRY: $5 per car
DOGS: $2 per dog
Yes you can bring your dogs. If you've got a non-animal and human friendly dog please leave them at home. I don't want to have to choke out someone's dog. This is paid to the park system at the gate. Not to us.

Jacob’s Heart (More Info Soon). I will be including more information on them very soon. I've got some photos, logos, etc. I'll be meeting with them soon. We donated $7000 last year. Lets make it $10k this year!

(This list will continue to grow)
On Site:
GST Motorsports
EQ Tuning
Team Moist
Detail Maniac
FW Motorsports
Njenius Grafix
Snail Performance
Snail Clothing Co.
Speed Element
AA Motorworks
Subaru Ladies
Wagon Mafia
Possibly 2 others.

In Spirit or possibly there but no booth.
Secret Serpents
Primitive Racing
Cobb is sending us some raffle love and so is Perrin.
Got some raffle love from Blackburn and will likely get some from Giro and Bell.

NOTE: ON SITE SALES ARE BANNED FOR ANYTHING NOT BAM RELATED (Raffle/Shirts). If you need to purchase something, try to work out a prepay and pick up. Or be incognito AF…

1: $2
3: $5
7: $10
20: $25
45: $50
100: $100

Sac guys... lets talk. We'll get you a roll if you want it.

(This list will grow.)
Secret Serpents: Donating over $1000 in artwork. Can't freaking wait to see it!
Perrin: Crank pulley. Front and Rear end links. Believe they're 02-07.
Cobb Tuning: Accessport. 5spd shift knob. 6spd short shifter.
GST Motorsports: Tune. Bunch of love from Mother's Polishes.
Njenius: Donating some killer sticker packs. If you have requests I'm sure he'd make it happen.
Snail Performance: 2 Tunes ($900 Value!)
EQ Tuning: Mahle for pistons. An EQ Tune.
Team Moist: Sunglasses
RBMS: 5 Oil Change kits
AA Motorworks: $200 off of service and a couple oil change services with inspections.
Maita Subaru is donating some swag. Possibly something form SOA as well.

KIDS ENTERTAINMENT: 20x20 JUMP HOUSE! WOOT! Yes... for the kids. Only the kids.

SHIRT and HOODIES: Shirts/hoodies. Add $2 per x over XL.
Pre order info: Official: BAM 2k15 Shirt Pre-order: Deadline July 20, 2015 - i-Club
$15 for shirts.
$35 for hoodies.
Event prices. $20/$40

We do have an alcohol permit. What this means is that if you are over 21 years old, and can prove it you can bring beer or wine. NO HARD ALCOHOL PERIOD. All beer/wine must remain on the grass areas, not in the parking lot. If my security crew catches you in the parking lot expect us to say something. Rangers/Police will be coming through the event from time to time and if you get a ticket it's on you. If you get the event shut down I'll rain down hell fire on you. Try to keep it under the pavilions or on the grass between/around the pavilions.

Once again. 21 and over. On the grass. BEER AND WINE ONLY.

CAR SHOW: All car show participants MUST register and pay online by July 27th 2015
Pay to play Info: BAM 2015 Car Show - i-Club

This is a park. It's open to the public. If other people are around show them respect.

Don't drive like a moron and you won't have any issues. Do not mess around INSIDE the park. If I catch people doing anything retarded (donuts, etc) I will rain down hell fire on you. You will be removed from the bbq and it will be known on the forums EXACTLY who brought negative attention on this event.

Trash. PICK IT UP. We will have a crew but that doesn't mean you can be a slob. We must leave this place cleaner than we arrive.

I'll add more as we go. Please keep your comments on the positive.

There isn't much. If you want some... bring some. If you bring a pop up it has to be set up on the grass. We can not block off or set up anything IN the parking lot. We're working on the vendor set up. I will be onsite in the next couple weeks to work on this.

[email protected]

This is where all prepays will go.

LAST NOTE: We are in the building stages of trust and respect with this park as a “Special Event”. We have to make it count so that next year, and following years, we can have bigger and bigger events and have a good rep with the park system. They remember us from last year, like really vividly, so they paid attention. They were happy with us last year, but didn’t expect such a big turn out. This year it was a lot of red tape, and paperwork, and negotiations… but it’s totally worth it because we will have a base for the future for quality annual meets.

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Bump Last day to Pre-order your shirts and hoodies if you do not pre-order you more than likely will not get anything. Ask anyone that tried to buy at the event last year. We sell out of most items in the first 15 minutes. No joke.
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