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Well, we pretty much assumed that, after the unveiling of the 2015 WRX in November that we'd see the WRX STI at Detriot. Subaru confirmed that fact this morning with a post on their main site for the 4th Generation of this vehicle.

All We'll Drive: '15 WRX STI Debut!

No pictures, or even a teaser video or anything like we had from the '15 WRX in November. However, this unveil will probably be more about what's under the hood than what it actually looks like. Doesn't take much to imagine a big wing and Gold BBS wheels on the new model... and if you can't seem to do that, there's plenty of photoshop images out there that show just that.

Gold BBS wheels will be returning as an option under the "Launch Edition" version of the WRX STI. I'm excited to see this one in person, especially the interior bits that should harken back to the original STI look.
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