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100 Acre Woods ClubRally, Feb.23rd

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The St.Louis region SCCA is holding the Club Rally Championships outside of Salem Missouri on February 23rd 2002. We need workers, spectators and general rally fans to attend. Below is the link to the official site for the rally, and after driving the stages myself, I can honestly say, It will be lots of fun! Hope to see a few of you out there...
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there's going to be a rally here? why havn't i heard about this before ;)
Pull your head out of your ass then....its ditch braking time!

I need Safety marshalls for the spectator point in the 100 Acre Woods CLub rally Championship, held near Salem Missouri on February 23rd. You'd be responsible for crowd control, but also have the best seats in the house to view from. You'd be with 3-4 others per spectator point, and a HAM radio operator, if you have a HAM license and want to help, we'll put you where ever you'd like to be. I need 22 people for these jobs.
I also need a Service Steward, to relay information to the service teams and make sure thet leave on time, much less glamorous job, but you will still get to see SOME of the rally. I need one person for this.
If you'd like to help, please e-mail me or call me at 636-537-4212.
Here is a link for info on the rally. Hope to see you there.
is anyone actually going?

I'm planning on going and was wondering if anyone else was going to go.

Sorry Shawn, I can't volunteer for anything though.
i'll be there, but i will be marshalling.

the rally is this saturday!!!! i hope to see a bunch of you there!
What a great time that was, we had a huge turn out of 54 Rally cars, specator crowds were WAY bigger than we thought and the weather was perfect!
TONS of EVOs including an EVO 6.5, an STi VER5 Type R coupe driven by some funny Irish guys too.
I will have pics soon, end of the week, and will scan the good ones.
I want to thank all my Volunteers who showed up and worked all day and night for me. You guys rock!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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