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Hi Guys

Went to the track last week after a LONG time and made 2 10.7 runs. (and got kicked out)

This was on 93 oct and and water inj.

I am a little rusty in my driving but hope to make better times on the next visit

to the track.

I will post my slips later tonight.

here is a pic.

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no secrets hear man!! lol.. im jk great times man!! would love to see that running race gas and meth.. awsome job sweet daily driver / weekend worrior!!!

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Thats the next step. I basically wanted a map for every day use, and did not buy race gas for the dyno.

WE were very suprised with the results. and now we will be tuning with VP C-16.
If i may suggest, try the Q16.. Its much better for our turbo 4cyl engine :)

I'm going to the track with my car soon. Im hoping for a similar time :)


-Paul @ ECS
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