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1/8 inch of snow shuts down Louisville, KY

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ok, it started to snow on Wed. at 4pm then everyone left from work at 5pm and all the interstates downtown were bumper to bumper. The next morning in the newpaper it read 130 reported accidents. I mean come on. I stayed at work late and did doughnuts on top of the parking garage. We didn't even get an inch of snow.

Our southern city is screwed.

Whats everyones largest amounts of snow so far this year? I know you guys in Buffalo, NY got like 2 or 3 feet.
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my brother is up from Ft Bliss Texas and they got 2 inches in el Paso and there were like 60 accidents, 5 deaths and 20 severe injuries...not to mention they pretty much shut down the city..i mean WTF?? come on PEOPLE!!!
I remeber once when I lived in NC we got about 4 inches, and school was closed for 2 weeks! This was right after X-mas too, so we were off for like a month straight.
I remember getting caught in a snowstorm in NC once. It was like everyone forgot how to function. Everyplace was closed, including Ft Bragg (for the most part anyway). I had my little Omni out doing slides, donuts, and just general mayhem until I literally got bored. Amazing how some people have no clue of what to do with a little less traction on the roads. Now we got about 10" up here in NE Ohio and I still have the 712's on my Subie. Now I feel like a southerner with the complete lack of traction! I won't be going anywhere until the roads get plowed and salted. :biggest:
Would you believe it but 1 cm of snow is enough in the UK to bring everything to a standstill!!!!!

It's like we have never seen snow before :rolleyes:
I've seen tiny amounts of snow bring NC to a halt before, and then there was January of 2000:

18 inches of snow. Absolutely unbelievable. Everything was shut down and out of whack; people couldn't get to work, etc etc. Had a lot of fun for that week.....classes at the University were actually cancelled for 3 or 4 days, a record amount of time.

Did I mention that we were the only vehicle that wasn't a 4x4 out there on the first day? :)
We got 8' in one storm once. This year I think the most was 3', I wasn't here though, so I'm not sure.

So that was YOUR snow storm that hit us Saturday ;) We only got about a half inch though. Biggest one I've seen was '92-93 we got 3 foot and the DOH couldn't get the plows and spreaders out for 2 days :lol:
A few days later and my baby is still cold!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!


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Over here in CT it hasn't snowed for crap.. By this time of year we should have an inch or two.. But we haven't had anything..

Bah, I'm really looking forward to some snow.. If only I lived in Buffalo!
oh man iim moving down there at the end of the month im moving to new albane (i think its spelt) and if that happens wth just that much snow i dont know what im going to do oh and we got about 4 inches here
see you have to live and drive in texas to understand the idiocy of the drivers here

if there is any type of weather condition besides scorching heat....then the idiots in SUVS and trucks do DUH DUH i have a big vehicle i can drive like a crazy F***

so last year in ICEEEE FRIKEN ICE....i had my old 90 mercury sable i was doing like15-20 in a 35 cuz the car was sliding all over the place......but i saw suv's passing me doing 40-50

and at my school we had a tiny tiny bit of snow and we had 2-3 wrecks......

people just have absolutely no clue what to do with snow down here......its like omg we have 1/8th -1/4th inch of snow SHUT IT ALL DOWN OMG!!!!

all i wanted for xmas was some snow so i can learn some scoobynuts but NOOOOOO stupid texas
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Oh you poor people... coming to NC during bad weather. Around here.. if ANYTHING starts falling from the sky (snow or even rain), everyone forgets how to drive. You'll usually have the old people in Cadillacs doing 10mph and the people with their "invicible" (RWD only) SUV's tearing around at 15mph over the speed limit. And snow... oh my god. We haven't gotten any snow around here in a while... and I've only had to drive in it twice... but it's a NIGHTMARE! The first time was a few years ago when I had my Prelude. It started snowing when I was at work, at my boss thought it would be bad to get into traffic right when it started. Well an hour later and about an inch of snow on the ground... you would have thought that hell had frozen over. It took me 3 hours to make a 30 minute (20 mile) drive. I saw about 7 or 8 cars off the road (mostly SUV's, and one other Prelude), and everyone else was doing less than 15mph.

The other time was going to a car show last year... early freak snow in November. It was all slush... but people just didn't know what to think.

An inch of snow WILL shut this area down... probably wouldn't even take that much.
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A friend of mine once said, "Instant moron; Just add water!" :D I couldn't have agreed more! Also, I was in NC in 2000 when all the snow fell. I enjoyed it but all the natives freaked!
I was in this recent snow storm coming up from FL to MD. We ended up stopping in NC because the roads were getting pretty bad. The next day, the roads were ice and there were idiots in SUVs cruising around like it was nothing. I also saw an Outback that thought they were invincible. :curse: We counted stuck/wrecked cars on the drive back and I think we got up to 26 cars (mostly SUVs :) ) and 5 tractor trailers.
Gotta love it! :D
It's amazing what a little snow does to some places...

I remember back in my school days listening in earnest to the school closings in the morning...
6" of
10"...iffy, depends on how much it's blowing around

Stupid Madison public schools never closed! :) Every other surrounding town/burb would be closed but we'd still have to go. From K-12 I think we had a grand total of 5 snow days. We only lost 2 days of school one winter when we got an 18" blizzard! And another 2 of those five days don't count, it was for cold (wind chill of -80!) not snow.

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I did most of my growing up in NC. At the slightest hint of snow, everyone would rush to the grocery store for bread and toilet paper! If there was 1/8" of snow, school would get cancelled! OH MY GOD, THE SKY IS FALLING seemed to be the general consensus! Up north here, they will cancel school because of fog but rarely because of snow. Completely different worlds!
Weather makes people retard

Coming from VA I know what snow and rain is and how to drive in it.

But here in So-Cal. Please are truly retarted. It doesn't matter if it is raining, foggy ect. People still drive fast. I hate seeing people flying down the freeway in dense fog. It scares me cause they might get into an accident.

I love the way my OBS handles in the handles in the snow. I use to have a CJ-7 and the Scooby is much more fun to drive in the white stuff. If only it would snow more in the Mts.

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