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i have a 2007 2.5i and i have recently acquired a td04l wrx turbo that i want to put on. I'm an automotive tech so I'm no dummy but i wanna know if any of you have used the APEXi FMU, and will it do ok for my little jump into minor boost heaven.

Now know that my goal isnt to make tons of HP i just want to be able to say i put a turbo on my 2.5l SOHC NA Impreza.

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The EJ251 doesn't like boost, unless it's REALLY low. Pretty common knowledge around here, and something you'll discover when you've fished through a lot of threads. Check the FAQs on NASIOC, too.

If I had an '07 and wanted boost, I'd trade for a WRX. Car's too new to bother swapping, if you ask me.
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