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01 rsti CFblue, 06 sti PSM
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I have a list of 05 sti short block or engine parts.
All parts were inspected and clean to make sure they can be used.

ej257 x2 pistons 15 each a and b pistons
02-05 wrx/sti aluminum turbo reservoir 35 each
02-07 wrx/sti air box(upper/top lid with tube) with maf sensor 125
x2 wrx/sti air box resonator $20
05 sti single avcs pulleys/gears set 90 the set
05 sti Plastic pulleys/gears for 90 the set
wrx/sti air duct 15
05 sti intake manifold with dbw tb 125
Deleted/ported tgv 80
05 sti fuel rail make a offer
05 sti intake valve 12 each or 40 each
05 sti exhaust valve
05 sti spring retainer x8 70 for the set or 10 each
05 sti spring retainer and clips. Retainer x8 and clips x8
Perrin recirculation bov no plug for rubber boot 02-07 wrx/sti 100 in great condition
04-07 sti tmic 320 comes with y-pipe, and vacuum pipe very good condition hold boast fine SOLD
x3 wrx/sti turbo headers 90 in great condition no rust sold 2
DOHC wrx bnib timing covers I do not have complete pieces $18 each, left/right outer cover and right inner cover
05 sti dohc cams for 175 the set need polishing
catco plated down pipe catted 2.5" make good offer
ebay tmic for 110 in great used condition
05 sti polished and clean from machine shop crankshaft 175

02-05 wrx ej205 parts
maf sensor intake with inlet and airbox 125
x1 tmic with y pipe in mint condition for 65 no bent fins SOLD my psm ypipe/ Jbp i still have
x2/ #1 tmic with no y pipe that is mint 45/#2 with sti imprint for 30 has some fins dents but function fine
wrx td04 turbo with slight shaft play im asking $160, come of a running wrx
none catted oem up pipe $35 for a ej257 sold
gps recirculation bov 125
sti/wrx oem recirculation bov elbow 50 sold
03 wrx short block that I am separating to inspect
Block halves are in great used able condition 150 for both
x3 Rods are in great used able condition 45 the three
Pistons are in great used able condition 40 the complete set
Crankshaft 125
x2 04 wrx fuel pump controller with no plug harness part# 4522648AA011
bosal 3" inch cat back in polished stainless steel for 250 SOLD
mid pipe 2.5" inch to 3" all stainless steel make offer
oem down pipe SOLD
Catco down pipe catted 2" inch
Divorce down pipe catted 3 inch
more to list later

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