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Hey I'm new to rs25, and I'm really enjoying the community, however I cant seem to find what I'm looking for so I'm going to start with a new thread

First let's get some history
I got this car when I was 15, I've been working on it ever scince with my dad, and although I bought it with a knocking knocking motor, frame damage and more rust than you could imagine it was THE car. The one I dreamed about... until.i realised it didnt have a turbo. No big deal. So the build starts we pull.the engine and re bearing ring and gasket it.. cool.. I drive it for a week before, you guessed it. Knock knock. I drove it a while longer and it never blew up, but I did manage to wreck the car, so I found an 06, fixed the body damage and put the 06 motor in my car, here we are today.

So I have the 06 253 with avls that has a terrible coolant leak and a blown head gasket,
I'm now going to be doing a build of my old 05 253, I'm planning on delta cams, 11.2:1 cr pistions, lightweight act flywheel, and a aftermarket intake manifold as both my stock ones are cracked at have air leaks. Anyone have pointers of what pistions/ rods to get, any other suggestions, I'm going to be running a project lambda reflash so tuning is not an issue. Thanks!
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