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01 rsti CFblue, 06 sti PSM
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Casting number t5 driverside cylinder head with valves, rocker arms/shaft, valve covers, no cam. No dent valves or cam gear. Asking100 come off a great working car. Sold
Intake valves throw offer for this parts!!!
Exhaust valves the same for this parts also!!!
Complete set 8pc springs, clips, and retainer throw offer!!!
Intake manifold/Tb 50 obo sold
engine harness 50obo
90 for both cams perfect for a delta regrind Sold
refresh cylinder heads with no cam just springs, new oem seals, resurface and clean valves 350 for both obo.
Coil pack goes on top of intake with wires 25
Injectors 40 for a four or 15 each part# 16611AA43A
Part# 2530 Hitachi boost sensor 10.00
tps sensor 25 part # 22--66700
Idle control sensor part# A33-661R02 $10
I took it off a impreza rs25
Only has 78,000 mileage

I have a another set from a 06 legacy 2.5L sohc ej253 with egr port alvs

2011 Mini Clubman S/2006 2.5i
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Any idea if those cams would work in the EJ253 from an 06 2.5i (ie- will these cams work with AVCS, or do I need to look specifically for cams that came from an engine with AVCS)?

Edit: nevermind. Seems I have to use an AVCS cam.
1 - 20 of 104 Posts