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Got some leftover bits from my NA-T project and my brothers old Bugeye WRX wagon.

03 WRX hoodscoop silver - SOLD

WRX wagon dash skeleton (a little dusty, small blemish on one side) - SOLD

WRX driver's side mirror silver - 35

WRX accessory belt cover - SOLD
WRX steering knuckle - 45
Misc turbo coolant hardlines - 10

WRX motor mounts - 30

WRX door cards (dusty, couple of scratches, I'd say 7.5/10) - 50 for all four.

WRX sedan spoiler, freshly painted WRB. Has a minor scratch on the top, and the same idiot that painted it left finger prints on the bottom - 50

Unpainted WRX wagon sideskirts - 50

Gates DOHC EJ25D timing belt. Doing the headgaskets for my Forester, accidentally ordered the DOHC belt instead of the SOHC. Belt was never used, literally fresh out of the box and ready to go (belt only) - 50

Unknown intake manifold - 10 Before you get excited, it has a hole on the bottom. Previous owner of my crapbox L let me have it with the car, never explained how the hole came to be:

WRX factory speakers - 40 for all four.

STI 550cc yellow sidefeed injectors. Bought these off of sense of nature (great guy), were way too big for my NA-T build, used them for only 5/6 miles down the road and back. Took them out and boxed them ever since. I believe he told me they had something around 40/50 thousand miles on them, they work just fine (all too well in my case). I got them from him for 150, and I'm selling them back for the same price.

I'd rather not ship the bigger stuff, but the smaller items I could definitely ship out. Prices OBO, but I think they are fair as is.
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