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03 WRX Wagon
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Updating add as I go, let me know what you need.
Delivery and shipping is available upon request at buyers expense.

02 WRX (WRB) - 188K miles - Driver rear quarter panel damage (will need cut out)
DF Door $150
DR Door SOLD!!
PF Door SOLD!!
PR Door SOLD!!
Trunk + Wing SOLD!!
R Bumper SOLD!!
Taillights SOLD!!
Wheels/ Tires - Prodrive Oz Racing wheels - $900
Brakes $Parts
Mirrors $75
Hood + Scoop + Splitter SOLD!!
Side Skirts SOLD!!
F Bumper SOLD!!
Fogs/ Bezels $40
Lights $150
Fenders SOLD!!

Upper Dash $200
Center Clock $N/A
Lower lower $30
Lower upper $30
Radio trim $30
E brake trim $30
Shifter trim $30
Lid $10
Rear Cup Holders $N/A
CD Player $30
Upper Vents + Hazard $30
Side Vent surrounds $10 Side
Vents $10 Glove Box $40
Under Steering plastic $30
Rear View Mirror SOLD!!
F Seats (Great condition, no rips or tears) Passanger only $150
R Seats (Great condition, no rips or tears) $100
Trim doors/ windows $100
Steering Wheel + Bag $100
Column Surround $30
WRX Mats $50
Door Cards Front only - $125
Carpet $80
Headliner $50
Both Dome Lights ($25 Ea) $50
Visors $20
Cluster (188k on the clock) SOLD!!
Oh Shit handles $20
Pedal Assembly SOLD!!
Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders SOLD!!
Seat Belts and buckles Rear only $40
Trunk Carpet $N/A
Spare w/ jack stuff $N/A
Above Spare cardboard $N/A
Mid Truck plastic $N/A
Trunk side panels $N/A
Washer nozzles $15
Washer fluid bottle $50

Control Arms SOLD!!
Lateral links SOLD!!
U subframe w/ steering rack SOLD!!
Suspension SOLD!!

Engine (SB) SOLD!!
Heads SOLD!!
Longblock 188K SOLD!!

Trans Pending
Diff SOLD!!
Driveshaft $50
Axles SOLD!!
Trans Combo (new clutch/ fly) Pending

WR Sport Catback $350

TD04 Turbo SOLD!!
Injectors $30
Intake manifold SOLD!!
TGV's $100
Throttle Body SOLD!!
Stock Intake SOLD!!
Stock TMIC $75
AC Condensor N/A
AC Compressor $50
ALT $50
Starter $50
Radiator w/ fans N/A
Upper Coolant Bubbler SOLD!!
Fuel Tank SOLD!!
Hood Prop $15
Cam Sensors SOLD!!
Crank Sensors SOLD!!
Stock Header $75
Stock Uppipe - SOLD SOLD SOLD
Rolling Shell - clean title with rear damage - also depends on what you want with it - SOLD!!

2007 WRX - Black
Car has 131k miles on it


Engine (Short Block) w/ New HG: 750
Heads: SOLD!!

5 Speed Transmission (has master cylinder): SOLD!!
Matching Differential: SOLD!!
Combo (trans,diff): SOLD!!
Driveshaft: SOLD!!
Axles - one of the fronts is ripped: SOLD!!
Combo (trans, diff, DS, axles): SOLD!!
Trans, driveshaft and diff come with all mounts and hardware


D Fender nick on the corner: SOLD!!
P Fender nick and bend on the corner: SOLD!!
F Bumper cover, perfect new paint: SOLD!!
Hood + Scoop, perfect new paint: SOLD!!
Headlights: 200
Fog lights w/ bezels: SOLD!!
Trunk + Wing, fading on wing: 200
Taillights, perfect: SOLD!!
Mirrors: 50
Wheels (no tires) one of them has bad curb rash other 3 aren't bad: SOLD!!
Tires - BFG Geforce - 215/45/17 come with 07 wrx wheels with curb rash: SOLD!!
Rear Bumper, good: SOLD!!
Brakes: SOLD!!


Center Clock: 40
Console Lower (ebrake/shifter area): 40
Console Lower upper (radio area): 35
Radio/HVAC controls/ trim: 55
E brake trim: 40
Shifter trim w/boot (boot worn): 35
Lid: 15
CD Player w/ aux: 50
Upper vents + hazard: 40
Side vents: 10
Under steering plastic w/ out fuse cover: 30
F Seats 2 small rips in Driver Seat: 100
R Seats: 100
Rubber Subaru Mats: SOLD!!
STi mats: SOLD!!
Door Cards: 150
Headliner: SOLD!!
Cluster: SOLD!!
Trunk side pieces: 100 both
Washer fluid bottle: 50
Interior Lighting (front and mid): 50
Trunk plastic mid section: SOLD!!
Side vent surrounds: SOLD!!
Rear Cup Holders: SOLD!!
Washer nozzles: SOLD!!
Spare tire/jack: SOLD!!
Trunk carpet: SOLD!!
Glove Box: SOLD!!
Oh **** handles: SSOLD!!
Visors: SOLD!!
Carpet: SOLD!!

Engine Accessories:
Injectors: 100
Intake manifold: 100
Throttle Body: 50
Air pump: 100
AC Compressor: 80
PS Pump: SOLD!!
ALT: 80
Radiator w/ fans: 150
Coolant overflow tank: 20
Oil pan and pickup: 100
Stock Header: SOLD!!
Stock Uppipe: 75
Upper coolant tank/ bubbler: SOLD!!
Starter: 50

Aftermarket / non stock items:

Cobb Catback: SOLD!!
Cobb Catted Downpipe: SOLD!!
Combo Cobb (Turbo Back): SOLD!!

05 STI TMIC with BPV and Y Pipe: SOLD!!
VF39 turbo, no shaft play, has crack: 300
VF48 turbo, no shaft play, no crack: 450
STi Door cards, Pass. and both rears: SOLD!!
Carbon Fiber Grill Inserts: SOLD!!
Cusco 22mm fnt sway+ endlinks: SOLD!!
Cusco 22mm rear sway+ endlinks: SOLD!!
Cobb intake, filter, bracket: SOLD!!
Cobb turbo heat shield: SOLD!!

Parts that can be bought but only come as a rolling shell SOLD!!

DF Door, everything but cards, has fade SOLD!!
DR Door, everything but cards, has fade SOLD!!
PF Door, everything but cards, good SOLD!!
PR Door, everything but cards, good SOLD!!
Trim (doors/windows) SOLD!!
Steering Wheel + Bag, has nicks SOLD!!
Upper Dash: (with roller only) SOLD!!
Fuel Tank SOLD!!
Fuel electronics and lines SOLD!!
Lower Control Arm SOLD!!
Hubs SOLD!!
Tie Rods SOLD!!
Stock Suspension SOLD!!
**ECU with open source tune for VF39 STI intercooler Cobb turbo back and carb intake: SOLD!!

04 STI WRB - 88K Miles - Items from last sale:
Hood + Scoop + Splitter - $250
6-speed Trans (Complete assembly with driveshaft, axles, diff, dccd button, all mounting): $3250 obo
BBS Wheels (5x100): SOLD!!
Mirrors: $100
Door Cards: $200
Engine Components: ASK
VF39: $300

Cobb Turbo back exhaust (catted) - $800
Tsudo Downpipe (Catless) - $125
SRS Catback exhaust: - $300
WR Sport Catback $450

Lots of other stuff I forgot to mention probably...
Questions: Please PM or text me - 814-460-2605


03 WRX Wagon
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Uploading pictures is painfully slow so I will answer upon request for pictures via text or PM

03 WRX Wagon
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All PMs answered. Please don't hesitate to call or text! (814) 460-2605
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