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My bf was at work and emailed me this thought...

"yo...thinking about some stuff....your car (my auto 02 RS) has 9.5:1 compression ratio (meaning the piston compression) mine (5-spd WRX) is 8.0:1.
The thing is that companies lower the compression ratio so the car will be reliable with a turbo (meaning retail car companies). My car is actually losing horsepower with compression down and the gets it back when the turbo spools, hence no low end torque in the auto WRX. You are still in the range to put a turbo on the car. With your 4.11 gears in that thing, low end torque, and a chance to spool the turbo at the starting line, that car will really make a run in the quarter mile... even with a low boost setting.
(like 8 psi)..check and talk to people with turbo RS's...i think it will be worth it."

Anyone do this ? Anyone know if this is really possible or a good idea ??? Any info would be great, thanks.
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