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02 RS owners..need some help here

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Ok, you guys with 02(new age) RS' do me a favor. Go outside and measure your fog light covers...I need each side measured so I can get a rough square dimension....I have an idea....
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Not that I don't want to be helpful but,

A) I don't have foglamp covers, yet.
B) It's to friggin' cold now!
Ok I hear ya on the too cold part, it was 7 this morning when I got up.:barf:
I thought the new RS' came with Fog Covers.... Im talking new chassis not GC8..I already have Ver5 fog covers on my RS....Im getting a ver4 and have an idea....:biggest:
I got foglights with my car so I didn't get the covers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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