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Great beater car for the winter!

I have for sale my 2002 Subaru Outback H6 sedan. The car is very reliable, and has never let us down. I travel approx. 70 miles a day to work, and I am looking to get something a bit more fuel efficient.
My mom bought the car new in February of 2002, and drove it till this summer, when she bought a new Outback. She gave the car for me to use, and I have been using it full time since the beginning of October.
The car has around 163,000 miles on it. All the fluids are up to date, and the spark plugs, and many of the gaskets and seals have been replaced within the last year. I work as a technician and performed all the repairs myself.
Since MD requires hands free calling, I replaced the head unit with a Pioneer touch screen unit with bluetooth. I still have the original head unit.
I am looking to get $3,700 obo for the car.
Please PM or email me with any questions.

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