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2002 Impreza 2.5RS
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I'm wanting to trade rather than sell but I don't want my car to get lost in the mix of parts in the trade section of the forum. Has the 2.5 sohc w/ a manual transmission. I've done the follow to it this year.

  1. Replaced all wheel bearings
  2. Changed front lower BJ
  3. Had the clutch changed by a local shop
  4. changed out the rear struts

This is my daily driver and has 165k miles 90% freeway. I drive from Bonney Lake to Bellevue and back for work. It runs like a top and has plenty of get up and go still left. I'm looking for a Subaru trade only or $5,500 firm. I'd prefer to trade for a forester but I'm open to anything Subaru as long as it's reliable. I've always liked foresters and now that I have kids it'd be more practical.

The only real thing that needs repaired is the fog light lens both sides have been cracked. all electrical works flawless.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts