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01- 26/27-02 Auto-X results

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Well, It's Monday morning and after a weekend full of auto-Xing, I'm sure some of you want to share your times and thoughts, I know that I do!

Well, Saturdays practice event at Qualcom was one of the more fun days i've ever had, and it was my most fun Auto-Xing day ever. Including fun runs and all, I think I made about 13 laps! 3 or so of those laps with 4-5 people in my car... and I was getting the best times I ever had! LOL :D
My best real time for that day was a 79 something.
A highlight from that day, as well, was my ride in the viper. Where the :curse: did the course go?!?! LOL!

Ok... anyways, the HP track on Sunday wasn't as much fun, and I kept DNFing....:curse: I think I'll just stick to San Diego for now on.

To: Sean, Jeff, Mike, and others that showed up... I hope you had fun and I hope to see you at other events in the future. You more northern SoCal guys have got to come down to SD more often.

Next event is Feb 9th and 10th at Qualcom. Registration for the practice event on the 9th is limited to the 1st 100 people signing up BY MAIL ONLY! I'll try to get a copy of the form up here asap, but it's $30.

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I had a great time!!!!!!

I will make sure to be there for the next one!!!!
I need more info for the next one. By mail only? How do I do it? My car will be ready by then, and I will not miss it!
I showed up kinda late at hollywood park just in time to
catch the freezing rain. didn't see anybody familiar. i did see rods and cones (Long). looked for hotimprezachick's car, but didn't see it.
anyway i only caught the blue wrx run around 12:00 and was hoping to see an rs run, but i didn't think it would rain (see my forecast in other thread), so i left.

i will be at the SD autocross for sure. hopefully we can stay together as a group.
This was my first AutoX, and I had lots of fun
the retard that I am missed the first slalom all 3 runs!:curse: so all 3 were DNF's:curse:

my times were


it kinda sucked that there were no fun runs, i really wanted more practice
I think i'm gonna start setting up my car for STS as soon as I get the money to do so

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