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Last Winter I had a small run-in with my fathers truck when I hit black Ice in my parents driveway. Needless to say the $700 in quoted damage to the front right headlight assembly of my car was much worse than the scratches in his bumper.

Short story long...I have a dent in the right-most front corner of my hood and the front extention of the right fender above the corner light. Paint on both of these locations was damaged and rust is forming quickly.

Im looking for a solution on removing the damage and repainting these areas. The hood has a back-plate so I cant simply knock the dent out from the inside. Do I need to screw and jack the dent out or should I just scuff and bondo? Likewise with the fender, can it be re-shaped or should I just bondo the crap out of it? Once I have these areas fixed, how do I repaint them? Is it possible to blend paint in from the corners to the existing paint or is a full repaint inline? I may paint the entire hood anyway to remove highway dings but the fender would be a bitch to remove and paint.

Ill try to post some pictures so you can see what Im talking about.

Part II:

That damn area(on almost all cars) where the full body panel meets the rear bumber toward the back of the wheel well has begun to rust through. The question here is essentially the same. I plan on sanding the rust out, using a JB-Weld compound to fill any pitting or small holes, and then doing a full protective paint of the interior of the body. I of course need to paint over the sanded area on the exterior...can this be blended? I certainly dont want to repaint the whole damn body panel. At that point I might as well do a full body paint and call it a day!

Again, Ill post pictures if possible to show where the rust is coming through.

Part III:

I have two more years of payments on this car and dont want it to be a pile of rust before then. Once all these repairs are complete I want to undercoat the car. I can get under the car using my uncles pit (stock-car racer) and walnut-shell the entire undercarriage. I wanted some opinions on which coatings to use. I know most people are going to say "spray-on rubberized" but I was considering spray-on bedliner material for truck beds. Its lighter, easier to work with, and will finish nicely compared to the heavy inconsistent coating you generally get with rubber. Anyone ever done this or think it would work? Any other suggestions? I also considered POR-15 but that stuff runs like $85 per gallon. Its impervious to EVERYTHING but Im not that fanatic.

I should be fully capable of doing all the work myself and I can rattle-can or use my fathers spray gun for painting (Ive done full panel sprays before).

Any help on part or all of this job would be appreciated!
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