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This is on an '00 Legacy GT sedan. I have rust on both standard areas on the rear fenders and need to remove the rear bumper. The problem I'm having is removing all the little pins around the top and bottom of the bumper.

I pulled out about 3 of them, and each one broke when pulling it out. I could only get to the bottom ones; how do I access the top pins? I can see them, but there is no way to get to them, there is about a 1" space to reach through to them.

Anyway, I pulled out a few of the bottom ones, by using a flathead screwdriver and needlenose pliers, just yanking them straight down, and each one cracked on the way out, so they can't be reused. So I stopped, and now I'm trying to figure out 1)how to remove them without breaking them, and 2) how to access the row across the top of the bumper.

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