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I had a couple questions with a turbo exhaust for a '00 impreza. I have the header, uppipe, td04 turbo, and downpipe. Now after the downpipe I made a custom piece to go from the downpipe to a muffler just for temp. to get the car running. Well now the time has come to fix that - as it was a fast crappy job, and the muffler is a big loud can, dont like it at all.
What parts will be a direct bolt on from the downpipe to the muffler? Its a 3" bellmouth downpipe. What do I need to finish the exhaust? Is it the catback, even tho its from the downpipe? Also will an exhaust from a WRX bolt right up?

I have been looking at this kit - but a little hesitant at spending that much money and not sure if its just a bolt up with no modifications -
and its also the complete - downpipe, uppipe (which I already have).
ideas ?

any information is helpful - I tried searching but could not find an answer that would help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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