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  1. Members' Journals
    Table of Contents Intro & Goals Initial Photos Progressive Uncrapboxing Engine Swap Widebody Dreams Rust Repairs - v1.0 The Subie Sanctuary - Widebody Moulding Part 1 & Part 2 The Subie Sanctuary - Drivetrain swap (6 speed, DCCD, 5x114) ?
  2. Exterior, Detailing, & Body Work
    I have a 2000 sedan and have recently purchased a wide body through I know that this install is going to take some pretty in depth fabrication and cutting of the rear fenders/wells and side skirts. So my conundrum being this: I cannot find a shop that #1. has done...
  3. Cars For Sale
    UPDATE FEBRUARY 2022 After the previous buyer backed out of the deal at the last minute, the car is back on the market for sale. The car is now mounted to a rollable dolly for easy transportation. Here's an update video: ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello! A...
  4. Exterior, Detailing, & Body Work
    Hey! I've installed some fiberglass 22b widebody fenders on my gf8. I'm having the issue that the fender liners no longer fit. And I've read that you can't really get any ready made. So you have to make them yourself... I don't really know where to start. Some people said they were going to make...
  5. General Subaru Discussion
    So I was wondering what rims to run on my 97 Subaru Impreza wagon L. I am installing a wide body to the stock body, and the wide body adds 50 mm of body. So I know for sure I wanna run a 255 tire to match it, but I just need help deciding proper offset, and if I will need to run a little bit of...
  6. Members' Journals
    Hello RS25 peeps, I'm Ryan (@rumbledude on IG) . This is my current build: Widebody 4dr sedan RSTi. It all began when: I bought this (clean title) 2000 2.5 RS last year for $900 off of craigslist. Had a few dings, automatic transmission, zero rust. Owner said it was overheating or something...
1-6 of 7 Results