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  1. Swaps/conversions
    Hi I finished swapping a 2007 sti into a GC8 and every wire is plug and play except the fuel pump harness. Everything works as it should. (I spliced the fuel pump harness myself-I can hear it prime properly and gas gauge works, but didn’t use all the wires from the harness) Except the gas isn’t...
  2. Troubleshooting
    Hey guys I'll cut straight to the point . I've got a 99 GC8 WRX that I can't seem to pin down what is causing this issue. It started off with the car not wanting to idle when at operating temperature. When it was cold it would idle fine. But now has developed into the car not wanting to idle...
  3. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    I just bought an 04 rs2.5 that I am attempting to sort through the bugs and apparently the so called mechanics work that the previous owner spoke of. I have a tsudo header back on my 04 2.5 and the flange doesn’t match to the stock headers. Upon doing more research I figure out that the po...
1-3 of 3 Results