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  1. Swaps/conversions
    What would I need to swap an EZ30R into a 2003 2.5RS? From what ive heard i could also get a 6 speed from a STI. I don't know what else i would need though. Has anyone swapped an EZ30R into a bugeye? Please help!
  2. Members' Journals
    Table of Contents Intro & Goals Initial Photos Progressive Uncrapboxing Engine Swap Widebody Dreams Rust Repairs - v1.0 The Subie Sanctuary - Widebody Moulding Part 1 & Part 2 The Subie Sanctuary - Drivetrain swap (6 speed, DCCD, 5x114) ?
  3. Swaps/conversions
    Hi there everyone, hope you are all well! I just bought a gc8(ej20k plated) 1997 that has it's engine blown. Now, i am looking for a new engine but im having a hard time differntiating between a g or a k motor, so I was wondering if a G motor would work with my car. I was also wondering if there...
  4. Swaps/conversions
    I recently completed an Engine swap on my 2000 2.2 which was blown on my Impreza L to a 1998 2.5 engine. The 2.5 Engine Harness was intact, so I decided to use that one, while completing the swap I did notice that there are 3 connectors that I did not use. After attempting to start I was unable...
  5. Swaps/conversions
    Hello, I have a 00 RS and I plan on doing a STI swap in it. Right now I'm having trouble deciding whether I want to put an EJ207 or EJ257 in. Also wondering if something breaks on a JDM motor, is it hard to get parts for it? Thanks
  6. Swaps/conversions
    I'll keep this short. I'm just looking for some information. I have a 2000 RS at a shop that's been a nightmare to deal with but it's at a point of no turning around. They are swapping an STI engine into it. My car has been there for 19 months now... but that's a long story... I'm just...
  7. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Hello, I'm very new to this forum but I need some help for a future project. I've been planning on swapping out my 01 impreza sport with a Ej255 Bm9. I just want some advice on how to approach this project. Like what's transmission would i need to swap into with it, and just general knowledge...
  8. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    I’ve got a 1999 ej22 n/a and I’ve heard tons of different things on forums. It can run on stock everything without tuning under 8psi? But there’s the problem of detonation? Or other say swap ej25 heads for lower compression? Or is it just easier to swap in a turbo 2.0 or 2.5? I’ve got some money...
  9. Swaps/conversions
    Hello guys i have a 1995 subaru impreza l 1.8 AWD , I heard that i could swap a tribeca h6 engine, or a 90s legacy h6, Im curious to know what will be cheaper to install and run? Would the legacy h6 just bolt up to my 5 speed? I'm still fairly new to subies but im eager to get started. I want to...
  10. Swaps/conversions
    I have a 2008 Subaru forester automatic and I've been looking into getting a 2.0L EJ20Y with a manual transmission and swapping my engine because the body of the car is in nice condition and it seems to be a fun and cheap way of getting an overall better car. I was wondering what is the best way...
  11. Swaps/conversions
    my coupe is equipped with the EJ222 and the 4EAT anything specific i would need to purchase to complete the swap?
  12. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    hey all, trying to do research on 07sti -> coupe swaps and the one thing i couldnt find much information on was premade harnesses that were made for the swap. Considering the sti is my daily it would suck to have to wait 2 weeks for the merge to be made and be carless for that timespan. does...
  13. Swaps/conversions
    Hi all, noob question here, sorry. I'm going to be swapping a JDM Ej205 into a 2000 Impreza L wagon, curious of if I have to swap a transmission/diff along with, or are the clutch types compatible (push/pull type)? Thanks in advance
  14. Swaps/conversions
    Hello everyone :) New to the forum. I've got a 1999 Impreza 2.5 RS 5 speed manual EJ253 and a 2005 Forester XT automatic with an EJ255. I'm wanting to swap the EJ255 motor into the 2.5 RS. My question, is it possible to do the swap and what would need to be taken off the Forester, if anything (...
  15. Swaps/conversions
    So I have a 93 1.8 that I switched out with a 2.2 that I believe is from 97 out of a legacy. I’ve read the forums saying keep my intake off the 1.8 which I did. I have the motor in the car, it has spark and fuel pressure and oil pressure and everything is plugged in. When I turn it over it has a...
  16. Swaps/conversions
    Hello, all! I have read the swap guide and, made obvious by the title, I had a question about doing an 08+ 6-speed swap. I plan to use a GD driveshaft, but the guide said you couldn't use 08+ axles because they're too long. however, I also plan on buying a wrc body kit, so I would love to have...
  17. Swaps/conversions
    My father-in-law passed away and I got his 97 legacy, it's motor was blown so I ordered a GC8 from jdm, what all will I need to make the conversion?
  18. Swaps/conversions
    Hi. I got a EJ20g in my 1996 GC8. Ive heard that the 20K Heads are better flowing. I got a 20K engine from a parts car i had. If i went ahead and swapped over the 20K heads on my 20G, will the 20G Intake-manifold bolt on? And will i be able to use the 20G Wiring?
  19. Swaps/conversions
    Hey lads, I'm swapping my blown ej205 for a ej207 in my 2000 gc8. The plan is short block from Japan, and refurbish my heads. so my question is, is there anything different about the sti heads? Worth looking into getting a set to have more a complete package or are my ones fine? ps my old engine...
  20. Interior & A/V
    Hey guys! I just purchased JDM 04-07 STI seats for my USDM GC 2.5rs. I attempted to fit the JDM passenger seat (belt buckle on the right; no height adjuster) to my driver's side, but the bolstering spots do not light up. I'm assuming I will run into the same issue attempting to fit the JDM...
1-20 of 21 Results