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    i have all 4 kyb excel-g struts that fit any 93-01 awd subaru outback or impreza. never used. the boxes have been opened but not put in. do not need them anymore. price is negotiable. but looking for about 375$ CAD. (i live in canada) thanks!
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    Car has been sitting for a little bit and it has 214k. Need me some new clutch parts. Bearings etc. Also needs some suspension and brake work, if i were to replace all these things, would STI parts from the same year, or give or take a couple years be fine?
  3. General Subaru Discussion
    Happy Thanksgiving all... I love this forum because it is all about my favorite Suby, the GC8!!! I know there are a lot of posts out there and I've read quite a few but from someone that has done it could you let me know which year WRX aluminium front control arms work the best? I am building...