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  1. Suspension, Brakes, Rims & Tires
    Hey all, my driver side front ball joint recently went out and I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for places to get new ball joints and control arms. Are there any good aftermarket control arm options? Should I stick with OEM stuff and buy from subaruparts? Or are there good...
  2. Suspension, Brakes, Rims & Tires
    Hi, I have a 2004 Subaru Impreza RS and have just ordered suspension parts for my car (swaybars, bump steer adjustment etc.) I am still on stock struts with lowering springs and have also bought some camber bolts front and rear. The car is a daily driver however I often take it out on mountain...
  3. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Hi there, I have a 99/00 gf8 wrx. And the suspension on it is pretty much dead. I've tried reading about all of this but I've honestly just ended up more confused. Suspension is definitely an area in which I have very little knowledge. I'd basically like to find out what would be an upgrade to...
  4. Suspension, Brakes, Rims & Tires
    Hello, I am learning cad modeling and would like to design a replica of the S5 97-99 WRC cars for gravel or any other spec I can find, as measurements for them are nearly impossible to come by. I know the geometry for everything except maybe the steering knuckles are different so if anyone has...
  5. General Subaru Discussion
    Car has been sitting for a little bit and it has 214k. Need me some new clutch parts. Bearings etc. Also needs some suspension and brake work, if i were to replace all these things, would STI parts from the same year, or give or take a couple years be fine?
  6. General Subaru Discussion
    Happy Thanksgiving all... I love this forum because it is all about my favorite Suby, the GC8!!! I know there are a lot of posts out there and I've read quite a few but from someone that has done it could you let me know which year WRX aluminium front control arms work the best? I am building...
1-6 of 8 Results