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  1. (Cali East Bay) Set of 2004 BBS 5x100 Rims

    Wheels, Tires, & Wheel Accessories For Sale
    Selling my BBS rims. 17x7.5 5x100 direct bolt on for GC8. Ran with them for some time but I like the look of my goldies more. Rubber on 2 tires is usable like 5/10 & the other 2 are down to threads showing. Looking to sell locally. $750 Thanks for looking!
  2. Rims fitting into widebody

    General Subaru Discussion
    So I was wondering what rims to run on my 97 Subaru Impreza wagon L. I am installing a wide body to the stock body, and the wide body adds 50 mm of body. So I know for sure I wanna run a 255 tire to match it, but I just need help deciding proper offset, and if I will need to run a little bit of...
  3. Japan Racing 9

    Suspension, Brakes, Rims & Tires
    Hello Guys I am thinking about buying new wheels and at the moment im really into the japan racing 9. (chrome, 17x8.5) I edited a few pictures but I still cannot imagine how they would fit on a subaru. Does anyone have pictures of someone actually rocking the jr9's? Thank you so much...