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  1. General Subaru Discussion
    About a year ago I was lucky enough to snag a clean '00 sedan with 175k total miles with less than 70k on a professionally done JDM reman with fresh reseals. One original owner: A 70s something old man (now deceased) who kept meticulous maintenance records. The only issue is the paint which is...
  2. General Subaru Discussion
    my cat on my 02 impreza 2.5l rs needs to be replaced and I was curious as to whether I could replace it with an sti cat. Wondering what modifications would need to be done to fit a cat made for a turbo to an na? Or if there are any similar aftermarket cats made for the rs specifically?
  3. General Subaru Discussion
    Hi Im gabe, 18 and recently I just bought my dream car(ish) a 2005 Subaru Impreza (2.5rs) and I wanted to post the build progress throughout this form on it, there is Rust on the quarter panels starting, by the gas cap and around the wheel wheels that is surface, Also there is some on the...
1-3 of 4 Results