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  1. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hello, I am trying to change the diff fluid for my sti, I've done the rear diff using 75w90 lucas oil, (I do not have motul available locally). How do I replace the center diff fluid, it is a dccd center diff. And does my car have a front diff, and if so, how do I replace the fluid for that...
  2. Swaps/conversions
    I recently purchased my first right hand drive car, it being a '95 Impreza GF1 Wagon with only 55k kilometers/34k miles. I bought it with a problem but when I got deeper I found out the automatic trans was blown. After looking into it, it would not cost much more to manual swap it then a rebuild...
  3. Troubleshooting
    Hi everyone, I swapped a JDM EJ205 turbo with AVCS into my 2000 Subaru Impreza outback sport and I've run into an issue. The problem is that after it had been swapped and tuned for a month or two, all of a sudden it started having this issue, when I went to go start it up and let it idle to...
  4. Troubleshooting
    I have a 1994 wrx, my car will only blow air while I am driving. Also as I drive faster air will blow faster, when im going slow not much comes out at all. Just trying to find a fix before I buy something that wont help. Im guessing blower motor maybe?
  5. Transmission & Drivetrain
    I have a JDM wrx with the ty752 trans in it. I've heard with that trans I can use any clutch kit from the 99-01 2.5 rs. is this correct? if so can I also use a flywheel from a 2.5rs or do I need to pick up a different one? the car has the ej20g. any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks
  6. Service & Maintenance
    hay guys. I need to do a clutch on my jdm wrx, I'm wondering if a usdm 2002 wrx clutch will fit my car. it's a five-speed. thanks :)
  7. Service & Maintenance
    Hey guys ive got an orphan wrx, it's a 95 with the ej20g. looking to refresh my PCV system but I need the part numbers for the valve and the associated plumbing. any help is greatly appreciated... ;)
  8. Interior & A/V
    Just wanted to see if anyone knew or had tips on how to fix this?
  9. General Subaru Discussion
    I stumbled across a semi-recent posting by user @Dopefish who is seemly local. I wanted to hit him up and buy some of the parts he has listed but I can't because I don't have the privilege? How do I earn the privilege to reply or dm?
  10. Members' Journals
    Hello RS25 Family, I have been lurking for a while and snatched up a dream car for me So today I spent an hour or show going over the car to see what I need to do to restore this baby to fighting form. The source is to restore and improve any parts that need to be replaced. I want to use this...
  11. Impreza L, LS, LX, Brighton, etc.
    I'm having trouble finding anyone that has put JDM kouki headlights and corners on a Subaru Impreza l. Can I use the same bulbs I have now in the new headlights and corners? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. N/A Tuning
    Hey everyone, first timer for the forum and first time Subaru owner after my latest purchase of a 2005 Impreza rs-x hatch. Hoping you guys have some ideas for me to help get my little rig powered up! The car has some pretty good mid to top end torque and handles great but after hours and hours...
  13. Members' Journals
    I have a EJ 207 I brought home from Japan out of my old STI type RA. My eventual goal is to get it into my new 1999 wagon. I don't know anything about the US models of GC/GF8 so I'll be learning as I go. Starting off slow and fixing things as I find them; using problems as an excuse to upgrade...
  14. Swaps/conversions
    Hello all, its been a while since I've been on here since I have been in college. A while back I had my ej251 in my 1999 2.5 RS snap the timing belt on the freeway. Upon borescope inspection, I found a lot of damage on the pistons and valves, lots of contact. On top of this damage, I found 2...
1-14 of 16 Results