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  1. Looking For: Subaru 1999 RS 2.5 Owners Manual

    General Subaru Discussion
    Hey, I am just getting into cars and I have might have a chance at Buying a kinda beat up 1999 Subaru RS 2.5. I don’t know a lot about cars but I really want to get into them. If I purchased the car I would need to strip it completely down and rebuild it back. If anyone knows a link to get it or...
  2. 95 l coupe to usdm wrx swap

    Hey I got a 95 l coupe with a bad auto trans I'm going to be doing a complete usdm ej205 swap into. I'm new to the mechanical side of things but I've been into Subarus for a long time and have been reading the swap threads here for years! I have a complete running 2004 wrx wagon as my parts car...