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head gasket
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  1. Troubleshooting
    Hello all, I was just sitting in the parking lot at my college today eating lunch, and I saw my temp gauge slowly rising. I had my radiator blow on me a couple months ago and I replaced it with a Mishimoto OEM replacement, I replaced the thermostat with a NAPA Premium (I read on another post...
  2. Service & Maintenance
    I have recently discovered that I will need to replace my HG's (98' GF8 EJ22E Phase 1 interference NA-T). Several symptoms finally lead me to believe this and the nail in the coffin was seeing the "chocolate milk" in the oil cap. The car runs and drives fine (no overheating) but I've decided...
  3. N/A Tuning
    Hello! I've recently bought a 2001 2.5 RS. I was told by the old owner that the catalytic converter gets red hot after half an hour of driving. The car will then stall. I thought that meant it had a plugged cat, so I bought it and took the cat out... It has already been gutted... On the...
1-3 of 4 Results