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  1. Ej20k v4 no start

    Doing s swap on my 01 RS A jdm v4 out a sf5. The intake harness was cut off so I am using the stock 01 harness and merging some wires together so I can used the stock intake harness with stock ecu, Switch out cam and crank sprockets and ignition coil. 150 compression in all cylinders Issues...
  2. Ej20k inkate manifold harness

    Wanted to Buy
    Sup guys I finally doing a swap on my 01rs Doing a ej20k ver 4 But the intake manifold harness is cut Does anyone has spare that’s don’t need Let me know thanks ?
  3. 1999 Type RA to 1999 Wagon Swap

    Members' Journals
    I have a EJ 207 I brought home from Japan out of my old STI type RA. My eventual goal is to get it into my new 1999 wagon. I don't know anything about the US models of GC/GF8 so I'll be learning as I go. Starting off slow and fixing things as I find them; using problems as an excuse to upgrade...
  4. 2007 sti swapped 1997 L coupe

    General Subaru Discussion
    Hey guys just had a quick question so lmk if you know anything or if it’s possible to do. I currently have an 07 sti and wanted to transfer everything, engine, transmission, everything. But I wanted to know how well everything will line up and if anything will sit improperly or will need to be...