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  1. N/A Tuning
    Long story short, my car ( a 05 RS wagon) has a huge exhaust leak ( rusted through). So I was looking at buying a catback. My question is will a 05 wax exhaust fit or will I have to do some welding. I ask because I found multiple in my area for a good price.
  2. Impreza L, LS, LX, Brighton, etc.
    I tried to find the anwser to this for awhile but i couldn't find any info. Im looking around for a new cat back exhaust and it seems as though the majority of aftermarket exhausts sold are for 2.0/2.5l engines. Would it fit my cat? what issues would i run into exactly besides having to get the...
  3. Troubleshooting
    I've got fuel in my oil, a fair amount too. I'm hoping that the engine is just running very rich, but it might be an internal issue. Before I go off and do something I'll regret, like sell this money pit or yank out the engine, I thought I'd ask for some wisdom here. The engine is a completely...
  4. General Subaru Discussion
    I have a Subaru rs 2004 and I am looking to buy/upgrade the exhaust system for my car. I live in Australia Melbourne and I wanted to ask if anyone knew the best exhaust to get for the required decibels that will still make my car sound loud and nice.
  5. General Subaru Discussion
    I got a exhaust leak on the mid pipe of my exhaust. im trying to replace it. it appears the previous owner may have a custom exhaust that has bypassed the bolts and just straight welded the mid pipe to the catalytic converter. is this the case on my exhaust? am i gonna need to replace both the...
  6. N/A Tuning
    Hey, i just recently picked up an '07 2.5rs and I'm looking to gather some info and links on some good recommendations regarding a full exhaust. (from new UEL headers all the way to the muffler) Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I am quite new to this car scene and not very...
  7. N/A Tuning
    so I have a 02 2.5rs and I was a little disappointed when I got it since it didn't have the boxer rumble what will I have to change on the exhaust to get it
  8. N/A Tuning
    Looking to swap out my stock exhaust for one of two options I'm currently looking at. I can't post links as this is my first post, sorry. First option: "XForce E4-SW11-LPSCBS 2.5in Cat-Back Exhaust, Non-Polished Stainless (Impreza 01-07 NA)" In Australia, but can't find any reviews. Second...