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  1. Exhaust

    General Subaru Discussion
    I have a Subaru rs 2004 and I am looking to buy/upgrade the exhaust system for my car. I live in Australia Melbourne and I wanted to ask if anyone knew the best exhaust to get for the required decibels that will still make my car sound loud and nice.
  2. Questions about exhaust system.

    General Subaru Discussion
    I got a exhaust leak on the mid pipe of my exhaust. im trying to replace it. it appears the previous owner may have a custom exhaust that has bypassed the bolts and just straight welded the mid pipe to the catalytic converter. is this the case on my exhaust? am i gonna need to replace both the...
  3. 2007 2.5rs exhaust questions

    N/A Tuning
    Hey, i just recently picked up an '07 2.5rs and I'm looking to gather some info and links on some good recommendations regarding a full exhaust. (from new UEL headers all the way to the muffler) Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I am quite new to this car scene and not very...
  4. How do I get that boxer rumble

    N/A Tuning
    so I have a 02 2.5rs and I was a little disappointed when I got it since it didn't have the boxer rumble what will I have to change on the exhaust to get it
  5. Exhaust options for 2.5RS 05.

    N/A Tuning
    Looking to swap out my stock exhaust for one of two options I'm currently looking at. I can't post links as this is my first post, sorry. First option: "XForce E4-SW11-LPSCBS 2.5in Cat-Back Exhaust, Non-Polished Stainless (Impreza 01-07 NA)" In Australia, but can't find any reviews. Second...