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engine swap
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  1. Swaps/conversions
    My 2011 impreza 2.5i was driving really rough and while driving one day all warning lights came on and a horrible metal on metal noise started coming from engine area. Long story short ended up getting a 2006 2.5 engine and swapping it over. Come to find out the shop that did it decided to just...
  2. Swaps/conversions
    Have 2001 engine and want to swap out 2.5 2010 Is the bell housing the same on both engines. This is my first subaru 2001 twin turbo not sure what L it is? Can anyone help me to know if it will work?Thank you
  3. General Subaru Discussion
    Hi, so I want to turbo a ej22 for the first time. The car I have is a manual 99 Impreza L. I found a 97 auto ej22 off of and Impreza and if I buy the engine my plans with it are to put wrx heads, manifold, exhaust, turbo, crossmember, etc. So my question is, what will I have to do to make the...
  4. Swaps/conversions
    Hi All, Brian from iWire here. We put together a blog post with just about everything needed to swap a WRX into a RS. In our case it was a JDM 2001-2004 EJ205 into a 99 RS. Bucky Lasek allowed us to swap his car so we could create resources for you guys. If you need help with the wiring, we're...
1-4 of 4 Results