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  1. Swaps/conversions
    Hi there everyone, hope you are all well! I just bought a gc8(ej20k plated) 1997 that has it's engine blown. Now, i am looking for a new engine but im having a hard time differntiating between a g or a k motor, so I was wondering if a G motor would work with my car. I was also wondering if there...
  2. Car Part Out
    Tale as old as project cars... I am moving at the end of the month and am looking to unload the last of my drift car's parts by the 31st... with that comes an opportunity to get your hands on some great parts for very little. Prices: I will provide individual prices for things, but where the...
  3. Swaps/conversions
    Hi. I got a EJ20g in my 1996 GC8. Ive heard that the 20K Heads are better flowing. I got a 20K engine from a parts car i had. If i went ahead and swapped over the 20K heads on my 20G, will the 20G Intake-manifold bolt on? And will i be able to use the 20G Wiring?
1-3 of 3 Results