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  1. General Subaru Discussion
    First thing first. I am planning ahead for next summer. Ive got a EJ20G JDM GC8 and im taking the engine out next summer.( needing to do the head gaskets). Ive got a parts list going right now which i will try to attach to the post. Theres a couple things im hoping to get some help on. First off...
  2. DIY - How / To Installs
    I have a 95 jdm gc8 wrx v2 with the ej20g. it smells like burning oil when it gets hot. no burning oil smell from the exhaust. I found oil in the intake before the turbo and I'm pretty sure that the pcv valve is stuck open. I've found support for the sti witch has a deferent pcv system but i...
  3. Troubleshooting
    Hey guys, ive been prowling these forms forever, and although nearly every question ive ever had has been answered here, or somewhere online, i have a unique situation that i need assistance with. I have a 1996 GC8 WRX with a recently swapped 1996 EJ20g on a U8 ecu. Car is stock other than a...
  4. DIY - How / To Installs
    Hey y’all first time posting so let me know if I’m posting in the right spot... Anyways bought a 95rs with a ej20g swap months ago and have been having problems, finally got this turbo inlet boot from Japan and am wondering what this plugged port is supposed to be for, and if these fasteners are...
  5. Swaps/conversions
    Hi. I got a EJ20g in my 1996 GC8. Ive heard that the 20K Heads are better flowing. I got a 20K engine from a parts car i had. If i went ahead and swapped over the 20K heads on my 20G, will the 20G Intake-manifold bolt on? And will i be able to use the 20G Wiring?
1-5 of 5 Results