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  1. ej22t swapped into a 2000 Impreza L

    i found a decent ej22t from a legacy and i want to know what i’d have do before i buy it to swap it into my 2000 Impreza L automatic.
  2. 20190824_185236.jpg


    At the top of Chipmunk Canyon road, overlooking Owens Valley, Ca.
  3. 20191207_191219.jpg


    More 2.5Rs enjoying the snow
  4. 20191207_191148.jpg


    Snowy head on
  5. 20190731_200847.jpg


    Freshly waxed
  6. 20191207_191225.jpg


    01 2.5Rs enjoying some snow drifting
  7. 99/00 Coupe (RS?) Door harnesses

    Wanted to Buy
    Hey guys. I have a 98 rs coupe that im changing to 99/00 wiring. All i have left to grab is the door harnesses. Id assume a 99/00 L coupe would be the same hence the ? Next to RS. I live in central florida if you're willing to ship
  8. 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Coupe Clean Title Collision

    Cars For Sale
    This is my 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS, it was in a collision last year. 201,942k on the body, motor was replaced at 160k with 60k motor by previous owner. Airbags are deployed. Has front end damage. Accessory belts were cut by bumper support, but motor still ran off the battery and car was able...
  9. 1996 Impreza Coupe 5 speed

    Cars For Sale
    I NEED MY DRIVEWAY BACK! come check out this 5 speed 96 Impreza brighton coupe $1999.99 Woodside Queens 11377 Appointments best after 3pm or weekends! Text or Call 631-525-4701 Thanks! 1.8L non-interference engine Runs and drives, clutch works well, starter makes noise, some exhaust leaking...