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  1. Service & Maintenance
    So I recently had my check engine lights come on, I ran my code reader on it and I’m not 100% what I should check first. Car jerks when shifting from first gear to second gear. Also “At Oil Temp” light is on. Help!?
  2. Service & Maintenance
    Hey guys so I bought my Impreza in the summer in very rough condition. Finally got a trip permit for it so I can take it through DEQ. And the code P1440 popped up. Fuel Tank Pressure System low input is the only information that it gives me. I’ve searched the forums, google, YouTube, done my...
  3. Transmission & Drivetrain
    picked up an Auto 01 impreza 2.5rs, and the only thing that is has wrong is a constant flashing "AT OIL TEMP" light as well as it shifting hard from 1st to 2nd gear. Smooth after. It also displays the "CHECK ENGINE" light but I assume that is linked to the AT OIL TEMP light. Any suggestions...
  4. ECU & Electrical Modifications
    Hey guys, I was hoping you guys could help me get some insight on a problem I wanna resolve. I have a 97 Subaru Impreza Wagon with a EJ22 in it. The previous owners before me had a flex fuel option installed so the car can run ethanol if I hook it up. But the check engine light is on and has...
1-4 of 4 Results