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  1. Swaps/conversions
    Does anyone know if i would be able to put a JDM EJ205 into a 2003 2.5RS Impreza? If so, how would i do it and how much would it cost? I'm not very experienced with this and my Impreza has kinda high mileage. Im not expecting the engine to go soon but I am curious about this swap. Thanks!
  2. Suspension, Brakes, Rims & Tires
    Im looking to upgrade the handling on my 03 2.5RS. Would these be any good? Thank you!
  3. N/A Tuning
    I have a 2003 2.5RS impreza and i am looking to touge it. What modifications could I do (other than engine swaps) to make the 2.5 RS a better touge car? Thank you!
  4. N/A Tuning
    Hey guys! I just recently got a 2003 2.5RS Bugeye Impreza and i'm wondering how i would be able to add power to my engine. I'm looking to make around 200HP but less HP works as well. I've heard that there are mods I can do to the engine but cant find any. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Swaps/conversions
    Hey all, first post here. I've just recently crashed my 2002 Jdm bugeye wrx wagon, mostly everything is cosmetic but the car is still a write off. I also have a 1993 gl impreza that I have been considering a wrx swap in for a while and since the opportunity has arisen, I think it would be rude...
  6. ECU & Electrical Modifications
    I recently found a seller on FB selling an engine harness from a 04 RS, he said that it was for an EJ251 but I know the 04 had to have had the 253 in them. so what would I need to swap onto my 251 to get that harness to work in case its from a 253? He says he also has the ECU, so would I have to...
  7. General Subaru Discussion
    my cat on my 02 impreza 2.5l rs needs to be replaced and I was curious as to whether I could replace it with an sti cat. Wondering what modifications would need to be done to fit a cat made for a turbo to an na? Or if there are any similar aftermarket cats made for the rs specifically?
  8. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Looked at a '03 2.5RS today, and fell in love. However, the $5000 price tag smells a bit high to me. What do you guys think? General Info: 2003 2.5RS Subaru Impreza 204,000mi Silver The Good: NEW Brakes and rotors (or so he says... sure didn't look like it) Brake caliper (one) Brake line...
1-8 of 8 Results