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  1. 20191207_191148.jpg


    Snowy head on
  2. 20190731_200847.jpg


    Freshly waxed
  3. 20191207_191225.jpg


    01 2.5Rs enjoying some snow drifting
  4. N/A Tuning
    Looking to swap out my stock exhaust for one of two options I'm currently looking at. I can't post links as this is my first post, sorry. First option: "XForce E4-SW11-LPSCBS 2.5in Cat-Back Exhaust, Non-Polished Stainless (Impreza 01-07 NA)" In Australia, but can't find any reviews. Second...
  5. Marketplace Archives
    This is my 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS, it was in a collision last year. 201,942k on the body, motor was replaced at 160k with 60k motor by previous owner. Airbags are deployed. Has front end damage. Accessory belts were cut by bumper support, but motor still ran off the battery and car was able...