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2.5 rs interior

  1. Interior & A/V
    Ive seen those rare recaro confetti seats but does anyone have a picture of confetti door cards? Can't find anything on google...thanks!
  2. Interior & A/V
    Sorry if this is in the wrong space. I’m new to the forums and cars in general. Got a new to me 2001 Impreza 2.5 RS recently. The cigarette lighter hasn't been working. After pulling the dash apart I found that it wasn’t plugged in. I’m guessing one of these plugs does it (images below). I...
  3. For Sale (Subaru Parts)
    Selling 00’ 2.5RS coupe interior seats/Door cards/middle console Black & Gray •seats are 8/10 condition •just received a Professional Cleaning, making them look good as new •there are no tears in seats only 2 what look like burn holes on rear bench (size of pinky nail) Make an offer will let...