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  1. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Hello and very nice to meet you. Thanks for rs25 to connect Subru fans globally! Welcome my current set up. 99 GF8 ej205 stock eu with few basic mods (straight ex, COP etc), currently 3rd engine, 3rd trans, sheet metal done. Hope will be able to help with my small experience if needed as well...
  2. Exterior, Detailing, & Body Work
    Does anyone know where I can find some different bumpers for my 1999 Subaru Legacy L 30th year anniversary edition? I’ve looked high and low and I’m lost. I’m trying to do a unique build.
  3. Marketplace Archives
    Hey guys. I have a 98 rs coupe that im changing to 99/00 wiring. All i have left to grab is the door harnesses. Id assume a 99/00 L coupe would be the same hence the ? Next to RS. I live in central florida if you're willing to ship
1-3 of 5 Results