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  1. Kowitz's 98' RS.

    Members' Journals
    I forgot to update this, but I sold the RS in November. Was a sad day to see it go, I had owned it since Highschool. But it was for the right reason. Shortly after I got the 4Runner, I found out my GF was pregnant, and my son was born on December 10th! I also Purchased my 1st house in...
  2. Kowitz's 98' RS.

    Members' Journals
    Well, as sad as it will make me, the RS will be for sale this week. At this point in my life, it just makes sense to get rid of it. It was no longer a great daily driver, and I recently just got a German Shepherd pup and I wanted to get something more comfortable for me/him, and it would be...
  3. Weird Starting/Non Starting Issue

    Hey everyone. Haven't been on here in forever! Anyway, I am having this weird non start issue. Car is a 98RS, with a ej205 swap. I have been having no issues, until 2 days ago, the car randomly wont start. It wont even crank sometimes or click, I get a weird humming sound. But then other...
  4. My 98' w/ ej205 swap. Bog/Sputtering under boost.

    Yes, my issues was my TGVs stuck closed. Not sure of a good way to test it. I just did TGV deletes.
  5. Kowitz's 98' RS.

    Members' Journals
    Thank you!
  6. Need some guidance with my "new" Subaru

    General Subaru Discussion
  7. INK! Official Tattoo thread...

    Non-Subaru Images
    Got the color finished! I love how it turned out.
  8. INK! Official Tattoo thread...

    Non-Subaru Images
    I agree, I'm really happy with it. I can't wait to see some color on it.
  9. INK! Official Tattoo thread...

    Non-Subaru Images
    I haven't gotten a tattoo in about 3 years, and I have been wanting on for well over 2, so last night I decided to get one. I'm starting on my sleeve, this is the 1st piece. The sleeve will be done with really traditional style tattoos. This one isn't finished yet, have to go back for color...
  10. Motorcycle riders!

    Other Topics
    Kawasaki Dirtbikes are great. My favorite bike I owned was my 2006 kx250.
  11. 1984 Honda Shadow VT500c.

    Non-Subie Member Journals
    Well, I know a lot of Marines with non attractive wives, I'm sure you do also. Just covering my bases hahaha. Good for you :) Yeah, I've been considering that. I need a new rear tire, this one got a small split on it on the sidewall, dammit.
  12. 1984 Honda Shadow VT500c.

    Non-Subie Member Journals
    Well, if your wife is attractive, I'll take that as a compliment. Got my tail/brake light mounted down by the license plate. Bike should be getting an exhaust made, and I still really need to do fork seals.
  13. 1984 Honda Shadow VT500c.

    Non-Subie Member Journals
    Well, rather then keep posting in the motorcycle thread, I'd figure I'd start a journal. I have been wanting a street bike for some time. Ideally I want a supermoto, but that financially wasn't in the cards for now. So I started browsing craigslist for 80's era cruiser style bikes., and...
  14. Motorcycle riders!

    Other Topics
    You know what, I was never really into the chopper/cruiser style bikes, but I am having a lot of fun with this one. I will probably sell it next spring or summer, because I want a supermoto. Haha, but this has been a lot of fun to work on. Still quite a bit of small things left to do. Got...
  15. Motorcycle riders!

    Other Topics
    Thanks! I decided the green wasn't exactly the look I was going for, so I'm trying this out. Just the bare metal. I'm way happier with how it looks.
  16. Motorcycle riders!

    Other Topics
    Getting some work done on the bike. Still do to(lots): -Paint front and rear wheel -Find a solo seat and chop the rear of the frame off -Move front fender to rear. -Do fork seals and paint lower forks black(maybe add some fork boots) -Get a new headlight, a round one(stock square is ugly)...
  17. Instagram username thread

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  18. Motorcycle riders!

    Other Topics
    Here she is. 1984 Honda VT500c. Needs a little work, but it runs and drives great. Clean Title. I got it for $500. 1st thing on my list is fork seals and fixing the ignition wiring. Then paint and making it look good. I'm planning on making it kind of a bobber style.
  19. Motorcycle riders!

    Other Topics
    Looking at and hopefully buying a bike tomorrow. Details if/when I get it.
  20. Motorcycle riders!

    Other Topics
    Love it! I'm considering picking up an early 80's cruiser style bike, and stripping it down "bobber" style like you have done. That should keep me satisfied until I can get the supermoto I want!
1-20 of 476 Results