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  1. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    All the reports i'm getting from members say there is no edit button in the member journals yet.
  2. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Is it possible to allow members to edit their posts? Looks like as a moderator I can edit them.
  3. Terry's Tube-a-Ruu 400hp Exotruck

    Members' Journals
    great shot!
  4. Unable to reply to threads

    Private Support Forum
    give it a shot now. Looks like maybe you changed your email and didnt click the link in the activation email that was sent. I approved it for you.
  5. Professional Brushed Aluminum Restoration

    Interior & A/V
    Most smaller scale anodizing places can do it if you dont want it to match perfectly (good but not perfect) Are they anodized? You can test with a multimeter if you have one. If they arent, a brushed finish isnt terribly difficult to do.
  6. JDMGary's "How Can I Help You?" / Review & Discussion Thread

    Dealer/Store reviews
    At one time didnt subaru replace the belts for free? for safety and all
  7. Can't post

    Private Support Forum
    try now
  8. Is there and under engine cover for a 1999 2.5RS?

    FAQ/Newbie Forum
    I picked up a primitive racing skid plate, might as well actually protect your engine :)
  9. Josh's - 04 FXT

    Members' Journals
    its aluminum :lol:
  10. FS (USA,CO): 2000 2.5 RS 123k miles

    Cars For Sale
    use an image hosting site like, then you can link them here to post them up. Either that or you may need to resize the pictures so they can be uploaded to the site.
  11. Getting the band back together: How about a national RS25 meet?

    Other Topics
    Or maybe we all just pitch in and have our cars trailered there :lol:
  12. Help! Thanks

    Private Support Forum
    I can confirm the email is correct. I am going to send you the password reset, if you dont get it check your spam folder. If you dont see it in there let me know.
  13. The Legendary RS25 EPIC Gun Thread

    Other Topics
    My house is in NNJ :D I am in a small town just outside of Newton
  14. The Legendary RS25 EPIC Gun Thread

    Other Topics
    26 in NJ, I had .25 in KY :lol: I am also surrounded by state land so lots of shooting opportunities here now right in the back yard. I just bought a bunch of 10 rnd mags for everything and a fixed stock from double star since they were local to me in KY.
  15. The Legendary RS25 EPIC Gun Thread

    Other Topics
    wow nice!! I moved back to NJ a few months ago so I've had to de-freedom my guns. Annoying as hell, and if I didnt want to shoot them all the time here, since I now live on 26 acres, i'd have just left them be. But last thing I need to is deal with that BS in NJ. Last thing I have to do is pin...
  16. The Legendary RS25 EPIC Gun Thread

    Other Topics
    didnt spend too much.. Got a lantac dragon from my ar and a nice range bag from GGG
  17. Anyone interested in 3D scanning my Supercharger setup for the club?

    Turbo and Superchargers
    I'd think it be easier to just measure the nozzle and pulley then to 3D scan it then convert it into an editable format. Or are you wanting to scan the M62?
  18. Terry's Tube-a-Ruu 400hp Exotruck

    Members' Journals
  19. Issue

    Private Support Forum
    looks like at some point you tried to change your email address and didnt get or click the link in the email the site sent you. I just had the system send you a new activation email to your gmail address. Let me know if you dont get it.
  20. Recommeded OEM engine beef up mods for Track (HPDE/TT)

    Track/Tarmac/Time Attack
    A better way to monitor oil pressure might be a good thing. The stock system is more of a "now its time to replace your bearings" kind of sensor.
1-20 of 346 Results