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  • ubie ·
    Noticed you were pleased to bring a 2000 Impreza Brighton from Canada to USA. I've owned my white, 1999 Impreza Brighton Hatchback: 2.2 L, manual transmission, AWD, Canadian delivery, for nearly 16 years. New clutch two months ago. Have all maintenance & repair records during my ownership + Canadian diplomat who owned/drove it first 5 months. Meets air quality standards for California (where I live now) + other 49 states & Canada; has the daytime running lights for Canada; dual speedometer display (Km +miles); tachometer displays Km: ~217,000 km / ~ 135,000 miles. If you have friends eying your Brighton they can contact me; I will sell (or barter) to private party rather than use as trade-in. Mechanically sound; a bit of TLC could improve ding and scrape on side. My 9'2" surfboard fits inside this Subaru with nose on the dash and rear seat folded. ·
    any rust on the car? Does it burn oil and have you done all major work for this mileage (maybe headgasket work)? And does the tranny grind at all? Nice job on the wagon by the way!
    Smezmerz ·
    really good actually, If I'm in a relationship by the time when I have to leave is coming up I'll probably extend. I'm really liking it here now. I've heard Roppongi is really nice
    kdshroyer ·
    Hey i noticed youre not too into Rota wheels. As a newbie in the market for wheels... whats the scoop with these rotas?
    subaru_tech ·
    i have both fog harnessess.they go into a larger harness branch.
    i can cut them off at the branch off.
    just let me know and shoot me a offer
    Jog ·
    I live in washington and i just opened an account to inquire about your car. hit me up if you are still willing to sell. 253-282-1373
    STMarshall ·
    haha tim do you still have that pioneer head unit? im asking because that is the same head unit in my car when it was stolen. just thought that was funny
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